Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Top Ten Books of 2013 I Didn't Read! (part1)

Any twit with a blog can type up a list of the top ten books they read in 2013, but it takes a real fuckwit to come up with a top ten list of books they didn't read! To make it even better I'm going to rank books I didn't read from best to worst....I'm just that awesome! So without further ado

1. A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

This may not be the actual best book of 2013 for me but it's a sentimental favourite and the reason why all the other books on the list didn't get read as I spent the year rereading The Wheel of Time. The reread really highlighted just how bad Sanderson got the WoT characters. I don't think he got a single one right. He either made them  caricatures of themselves or just got them completely wrong to how Jordan wrote them. Parts of books 12 and 13 were nearly unreadable for me and I skimmed large chunks.

2. The Tyrant's Law by Daniel Abraham

This be the third book in The Dagger and the Coin series, which IMHO is the best Epic Fantasy currently being written. I really should have gotten around to reading this but I really wanted to reread the first two before starting it but alas had no time. Now I need to decide to either do so straight away or wait until book 4 is just about to be released which is around August...

3. Knife Sworn and The Tower Broken by Mazarkis Williams

I really enjoyed  The Emperor's Knife the first book in this trilogy back when i read it in 2011 and I'm really looking forward to reading these two. Nothing like a good completed trilogy! On a side note, did we ever find out who or what Williams really is?

4. The Fell Knight by Miles Cameron

This book was supposed to be released late December but just a day before its scheduled release date the author posted a facebook update saying he'd just heard from the publisher that there had been  "printer delivery issues" and the release date had been pushed back to late January. I find it nigh unbelievable that Gollancz the publisher didn't know about the delay until the day before release given that their website had it listed as a January release atleast a week beforehand. Oh well no point ranting and raving about how fucked up Gollancz are with release dates given I wouldn't have gotten around to reading the book in 2013 anyway.

5. Jupiter War by Neal Asher

Asher is one of my fav scifi writers and this is the final book in his Owner Trilogy.
This will probably be the next book I read as I don't think I'll need to reread the other two before starting it. Will be good to put another trilogy to bed, though I do wonder if Asher will have somehow worked in his current E-Cigarette crusade into the book. Asher hasn't been shy in expressing his views/beliefs in this trilogy sofar...

Well that's it for part one!


Neal Asher Tuesday, January 07, 2014 10:30:00 pm  

Nope, nothing about e-cigarettes in Jupiter War. I didn't start using the things till long after the book had entered the publishing process!

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