Tuesday, 10 December 2013

'The Fell Sword' - Miles Cameron Pimpage

One of my new favourite authors has a new book coming out so here's some pimpage.

The Red Knight(review) was one of the better reads I've had this year and its follow up The Fell Sword hits the shelves December 19th according to amazon.uk. The UK Publishers site says Jan 16th 2014 which is a tad confusing. Hopefully Amazon are right for once.

The Gist:
There are some things you can pay a man to do. And there are some you can’t. 
Betrayal by one of your own is usually free. 
Hiring experienced mercenaries to protect your throne is not.
When an Emperor is deposed, the Red Knight and his men find their services in high demand – and themselves surrounded by enemies. The country is in revolt, the capital city is besieged and any victory will be hard won. But The Red Knight has a plan. The question, can he negotiate the political, magical, real and romantic battlefields at the same time – especially when intends to be victorious on them all?
The Hotlist has a excerpt for you to read, here's a little taste:
Sometimes it can be very difficult to be a child prodigy.
Morgan Mortirmir was sixteen and growing so fast that none of his clothes fit properly. His face was so young that despite his size, he could, at times, easily pass for twelve. He was tall and thin, but not in the way that might have given him authority or dignity. He was gawky and, even worse, covered in adolescent acne that burst constantly into white-headed pustules all over his face, so that the Morean sisters in his Practical Philosophy class called him ‘the Plague’.
And Morgan knew he was the Plague. He was too young to be at the school and worst of all – and for all his phenomenal intelligence – he lacked any ability to manipulate the world directly through phantasmia or even through alchemy. He had all the potential in the world. He just couldn’t get a grip on the raw stuff of power.
If for some reason you're a bit dim witted and have yet to discover this great new series then you can currently buy the ebook of the first book for US$2.99 via Orbit's Orbital Drop. If you're not a Yank go buy it from Gollancz!

I'm a little pissed off at you halfwits for not buying the first book as the 2nd book isn't getting a Hardcover release. You've buggered up my book shelf and robbed a great author of a wee bit more money! Shame!

Update: From Cameron's Face book page
With regret--Gollanz has pushed publication of Fell Sword to 30 January 2014, and Orbit US has moved publication to March 11 2014. This has entirely to do with printer delivery issues and I swear to every one of you that the book is done--and has been done for many months... done, edited, copy edited and page-proofed. My deepest apologies for the delay--I'm eager for everyone to read 'The Fell Sword.'
There is going to be a special edition signed copy hardback, I believe, in the UK. Hopefully this is going to happen, but I'm not sure about the US.
Boooo on the first, Yah on the second!

My review/thoughts of The Fell Sword can be read HERE.


Anonymous,  Wednesday, December 25, 2013 5:58:00 pm  

The Fell Sword will get a limited hardcover release in the UK through a specialist online bookseller. It looks to be released at the same time as the trade paperback.

ChrisW Thursday, December 26, 2013 3:44:00 pm  

A link or name would be handy...

Anonymous,  Thursday, December 26, 2013 4:55:00 pm  

It is available to preorder at www.anderidabooks.co.uk and released on January 30th.

ChrisW Friday, December 27, 2013 2:52:00 pm  

Thanks for that! Just emailed off my preorder!

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