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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"The Republic of Thieves" Release Bullshit Rant

The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch Release Rant has moved HERE.

Sorry for the inconvenience of having to click another link. Well not really.

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  1. awesome rant.
    as a general rule, rants are born out of a sense of miscarriage of justice and/or deception.
    i especialy like the "adam "i want to blow grrm" whitehead".
    adam, is a nice guy, he answers questions, but the idea of "100% grrm can't be wrong", and bloging about bullshit figurines and calendars is just what i consider just cause as far as rants are concerned.
    keep on with the rants, i'm probably with you 100%.

  2. General rule eh? Well no injustice or deception here just plain old bad customer service. How hard is it to give a quick update on the status of a book? I don't care if it's delayed, I just want to know if it is.

    Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Making up a childish phrase to slight another blogger basically just solidifies the fact that you have nothing really important to say, so you resort to name calling...in a rant in reference to a ...release date. Haha! Oh man, if only I had the sort of time to come up with such inanity.

    Anyways, bravo. Shall I get you a stick to fling fecal matter at a classmate, or would you rather pull some girls' hair an knock her down instead?

  4. that was beautiful. just really, fucking beautiful. I too, am waiting frantically, sometimes angrily, often combing the web for info, so far, ain't found shit.

    by the style of your invective, I can see you are a true Lynch fan!!! ;)

    and that GRRM blurb really is ironic!!

    now the question is, which will come out first, Republic of Thieves, or Dance with Dragons?

  5. I think you can reasonably assume that Gollancz would like Republic of Thieves out ASAP and that the delay is not of their making. I suspect they didn't know the extent of the delay until shortly before Christmas. I, too, am tapping my feet impatiently.

  6. No doubt they do. Doesn't stop them from you know, updating us or whipering to pat so he can update us unofficially.

  7. ok so it's august now and i checked the page and it doesn't show republic of theives anywhere!!! waht does this mean? Any ideas?


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